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Psychological and Educational Testing

Psychological testing can be a valuable tool for understanding your strengths and weaknesses and for maximizing functioning at home, work, or school. At Sue H. Bae Ph.D. & Associates, we customize a battery of tests designed to assess the specific needs of each individual. Each testing report includes a list of recommendations based on the testing results; which when applied can improve performance in all settings. We offer a six month follow-up meeting to review recommendations and assess each individual's progress after completion of testing.

Educational Testing:

If you have concerns regarding your child's academic performance, testing can determine if your child is struggling with a learning disorder. We provide a detailed list of recommendations to help your child reach their potential in school.

Educational testing reports also often assist with obtaining accommodations and creating an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, because they formally document if a relative weakness is present.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessments:

Comprehensive evaluations are available for adults and children who are experiencing challenges related to inattention and impulsivity at home, work or school.

Gifted/Talented Children Assessments:

Is your child reaching their full potential? Through intelligence testing and academic testing we can assess your child's individual strengths and weaknesses to determine if he or she would qualify as gifted. Your child may be eligible for an excelled curriculum or advanced placement in programming.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments:

A combination of formal and informal testing measures are available for the purpose of screening children and adolescents who exhibit behavioral characteristics associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders. These may include limited reciprocal social interaction, restricted interests, need for sameness in environment and/or routine, unusual reactions to sensory input, repetitive/stereotyped behaviors and challenges with verbal and nonverbal communication. Screenings will include recommendations for better functioning in the school and home environments and may include referrals for additional testing.

Personality Testing

Personality testing can help with gaining an understanding about your individual strengths, preferences, and how you relate to others. It can also help inform and identify a best course of treatment in therapy.

Bilingual Testing

Sometimes language can be a barrier to a child accessing his or her education. We offer evaluations to determine if a language issue is contributing to your child's academic performance. We also assist in generating a plan that best suits your child.

Our Process:

1. We set up an appointment to complete a clinical interview, where we gather information about what issue or concern you are looking to have further assessed.

2. We schedule testing appointments (ranging from 1-3 days) to administer the tests that will best assess strengths and weaknesses in the identified area.

3. If educational testing or an ADHD evaluation is being completed we gather information from the school or Learning Coordinator to help us best understand your child's functioning at school.

3. You will be invited in for a feedback session, where we will review the final report and explain the results and recommendations.

4. After 6 months, we reach out to invite you to schedule an optional appointment to review progress with implementing the recommendations. 

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