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About Dr. Omar Diaz:


Dr. Omar Diaz is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Sue Bae Ph.D. & Associates. Dr. Diaz is from Hammond, Indiana and completed his B.S in Interdisciplinary Sciences- Physics at Purdue University West Lafayette, a M.S. in Human Services Counseling at Purdue University Calumet, and a M.A. and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Diaz has experience working with adolescents and adults ranging from group therapy, relationship therapy and individual therapy in college settings and private practice. Dr. Diaz completed his internship at the University of Illinois Chicago’s Counseling Center. 


When developing treatment goals and plans, Dr. Diaz is committed to utilizing evidence-based therapies from the Cognitive-Behavioral perspective, and works to include a Systems Integrated perspective, understanding that there are many facets influencing a person’s development and mental health.


Dr. Diaz believes the importance of building a collaborative client-therapist relationship is key in helping clients identify and build on their strengths in reaching their goals. Dr. Diaz is passionate about his commitment to social justice and working with underserved populations. Dr. Diaz works to consider the role culture and the various systems play in not only a person’s difficulties, but their strengths.


In addition to his clinical work, Dr Diaz is a faculty member in the Office of Placement and Training at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, training doctoral students studying to be clinical psychologists.


Dr. Diaz’s clinical, research, and teaching interests are:

·       Diversity

·       Depressive and Anxiety Disorders

·       Interpersonal skills

·       Identity development

·       Life transitions

·       Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

·       Generalized Anxiety Disorder

·       Social Anxiety

·       Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

·       Family Systems Theory

·       Social Emotional Development

·       Group Psychology

·       Relationship therapy

·       Evidence-Based Treatments

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