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About Dr. Sierrah Avant

Dr. Avant is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Sue Bae Ph.D. & Associates. Dr. Avant has received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from  Adler University. 


Before joining this private group practice, she worked primarily in community mental health outpatient centers and schools. Through various organizations, Dr. Avant has experience working with marginalized children, adolescents, and adults with various psychosocial concerns. Additionally, she approaches therapy from an integrative perspective, focusing primarily on cognitive-behavioral and client-centered therapy.


Her clinical interests involve helping clients receive the treatment and assistance they need to improve their functioning through education, community support, and mental health services. In addition, she collaborates with multidisciplinary teams to promote and support marginalized clients and their systems’ well-being through targeting and overcoming their presenting barriers in the classroom/work, community, and mental health.


Dr. Avant is dedicated to forming a satisfactory therapeutic relationship that includes seeing clients as a whole, always including diversity considerations, and ensuring the therapeutic process is effective, understood, and collaborative.


Dr. Avant's clinical and research interests:

  •  Children and Adolescents
  •  Marginalized Individuals
  •  Foster Youth and their Families
  •  Depression
  •  Anxiety
  •  Trauma and Resiliency
  •  Emotional Dysregulation
  •  Learning Difficulties
  •  ADHD
  •  Cognitive and Social Disabilities
  •  Interpersonal Difficulties
  •  Identity Difficulties 
  •  Social-Emotional Development
  •  Individual Therapy
  •  Family Therapy
  •  Group Therapy
  •  Play Therapy
  •  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  •  Client-Centered Therapy
  •  Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  •  Motivation Interviewing
  •  Art Therapy
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