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About Dr. Bae:


As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Bae has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults with various psychological issues and specializes in anxiety-related disorders.


Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Bae worked in residential treatment facilities, social service agencies and outpatient hospitals. Along with her clinical work, she is a Full Professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she teaches and supervises doctoral-level students training to become clinical psychologists.



Dr. Bae earned her doctorate from the University of Chicago, her masters from Columbia University, and her bachelors from the University of California at Berkeley. As an active member of the American Psychological Association, Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), Society for Psychotherapy Research and the Asian American Psychological Association, Dr. Bae has been actively involved in psychotherapy research because she recognizes the importance of using empirically-supported treatments in her clinical practice. Currently, Dr. Bae is the President-Elect of the Illinois Psychological Association (IPA).


Adept at research-supported therapies, Dr. Bae consistently strives to deliver expert treatment with a caring, individualized approach. Along with therapeutic treatment, Dr. Bae provides psychological assessments and consultations and offers comprehensive psychological testing to children and adolescents in particular. Dr. Bae is also a SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) provider.  


Working closely with various school districts, she has developed extensive experience with psycho-educational evaluations for children and schools, with cases involving special education, and with bilingual assessments (Korean and English).


Deeply committed to providing culturally sensitive assessment and treatment, Dr. Bae carefully considers the context of the child and his or her environment. She strongly believes that to work competently with clients from diverse backgrounds, psychologists must have an understanding of and sensitivity to diverse ethnic cultures, value systems and world views. It is her belief that clinicians must understand people within the context of the systems in which they function (i.e., families, ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political views, physical difference, and nationality) in order to provide the client with the most effective treatment.



Dr. Bae’s Current Clinical, Research, and Teaching Activities Include:

  • Anxiety Related Disorders
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Parenting
  • Professional Development and Training
  • International/Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Social Justice
  • Diversity
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